The Till that makes running your store easier
The humble Till is an easy to use affordable Point of Sale solution, that manages your stock and provides you with insightful analytics to help you grow your business.

Easy to Use

It only takes minutes to learn how to use the Till, your staff will love it.

Simple and Affordable

At only R350p/m the humble Till is very affordable.

Use your Hardware

Whether you want to run on an iPad, Mac or PC, the humble Till will work for you.

Simplify your Accounting

Everything you do on the humble Till is synced to your Sage One account.

The Till You'll Love

The founders of humble Software have been involved in and behind the sales counter for over 10 years, so they understand the problems you’ve experienced with your POS system. The humble Till is easy to use and it works for both small and large businesses. Whether you’ve only got a single shop or a large chain of stores, the humble Till is designed with ease-of-use in mind. You can get setup in minutes and train your employees just as quickly.

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Integrated with Sage One Accounting

The humble Till has been developed in partnership with Sage Pastel so that all your Sales, Supplier and Customer information are synced to Sage One. The humble Till with Sage One integration leverages the power of the Cloud so you can work smart not hard, while staying humble.

Works Offline

The humble Till allows you to keep selling, even when you are offline and we’ll automatically sync all your sales once you are back online again.

Simple Pricing

Leave complex fee structures behind and just pay for what you need.

Know Now

Our Analytics App is a great add-on to the humble Till that gives you real time business intelligence data at your finger tips.


Enjoy the built in reporting from within your humble Till, focusing on all the key areas of your business.

Stock Management

Create orders directly from your humble Till and email them straight to your suppliers. All your stock movements are on one screen. It couldn't be simpler.

Time Saving Stock-takes

The humble Till lets you start a stock-take while you are trading and then process it at a later stage, keeping track of sales, movements and what’s already been counted.

Mobile Point of Sale

The humble Till not only works on any PC or Mac using your Chrome browser, it also works on an iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and will probably also work with your existing hardware.

Works with SnapScan

SnapScan is the new, convenient way for customers to pay with their smartphone. No cash, no card swipes. SnapScan is fully integrated into the humble Till as a form of tender and all transactions are traceable.

Feature Comparison

Features iPhone iPad Android WebTill
Stock Management
Cash Up
Barcode Label Printing
Works Offline
Sage One Accounting Integration
SnapScan Integration