Our Story

We love retail because we’ve lived, breathed and worked in our own stores for over 20 years.

Rodney from Humble till Point of sale

“There must be a better way” is the thought that got us started.

The desire to make running and managing our stores simpler and more effective than before forced us to look at POS in a new way that helps solve, manage and simplify key elements of any successful business.

We wanted to build a Till that is as easy to set up as it is to use.

A till that makes technology useful and helps entrepreneurs grow their business.

A till that can be used in managing sales incentives, rewarding the right staff for great performance – a till that can be managed from anywhere, on any device, giving the store owner visibility into what is selling, who is selling and how the business is performing – any given time of the day.

This desire to remove the pain points of building and managing a retail store led to the development of the first versions of humble Till (an MTN app of the year finalist in 2015).

About Humble Till