Holmes Bros Customer Success Story



When what you love becomes what you do, who you are and what pays the bills, you are having a really fun time and enjoying the type of life many are chasing.

In short, you are living a dream reality that’s entirely of your own doing – and that’s exactly what Holmes Bros have done by creating an iconic, home-grown fashion brand for the young – and young at heart.

“We grew up in Durban, spending our days indulging in the sun, sea and surf culture of the city,” says Laurie Holmes. “When I was 14 I started to shape surfboards in our garage, eventually shaping boards for other boys in the area and that’s where we got started really, by creating surfboards and then putting our logo on shorts and t-shirts.”

No overnight success

It wasn’t all “endless summer” living of course.
Like all entrepreneurs the brothers (Laurie and Gary) realised that if they were going to making a success of their surf culture / fashion brand they would need to gain a far greater understanding of fabrics and design – both locally and abroad.

This led to studies in fine art and textiles, followed by a year traveling the world.

“Returning from our travels in ’96 we started a corporate clothing business with the aim of building our fashion label on the side,” says Laurie. “Three years later the fashion side of things was strong enough for us to focus on Holmes Bros full time, and the rest is history I guess.”


No overnight success

Over the last 18 years, the Holmes Bros brand has built a reputation for smartly marrying local design and production with international fashion trends, quality and execution.

Proof is in the pudding of course and with the brand having successfully taken partin SA Fashion week over a number of years, as well as being featured in Drapers Record -London, Elle-U.S edition, Nylon-USA and Collezione Sport & Street-Europe – it’s safe to say that Holmes Bros continues to make its mark in the fashion world.

“We set out to create fashion that transcends age, race and cultural barriers – and build a company that celebrates local crafts and skillsets,”
says Laurie. “While the job is never done I am satisfied that we are remaining true to our goals and ambitions.”

Holmes Bros on
humble Till 

“does what it says and at a damn good price too.”

What did you use before
humble Till POS? 

We used another (well known) POS system that was really expensive to setup and use. Upgrading was also expensive and the hardware was quite outdated.

To make matters worse you had to rely on their technician to fix things when there was a problem, which there often was.

And, of course, there was a charge for that.

All in all we reached a stage where the existing product was just not worth the time and money, especially for use across multiple stores.

Where did you hear
about humble Till?

A friend of ours used it in his company and was very enthusiastic about the till, so we gave it a try.

And we are very happy we did!

What do you like
about humble POS?

It is the exact opposite of our previous Point of Sale solution.

It’s really easy to setup and use, in fact Laurie set one up in 30 minutes himself and he’s not exactly the tech-type in the first place.

It’s very affordable and the support team is excellent.

Any feature that
really stands out?

The data analytics and reporting power is great – with multiple stores we get a real handle on what’s happening.

humble Till simply does what it promises, we love it!


Proudly South African

The company takes great pride in its social responsibility to the community and the planet. 


All the wood for their shop interiors is reclaimed, even the shopping bags are made from off cuts and unused fabrics. The product range is designed and made locally in South Africa, as well as accessorised by local craftsmen and woman.

“While we are mindful to stay on top of international trends and influences (something I recommend all business owners do) we have taken a clear stance on how we manufacture and go about protecting the environment in which we operate,” says Laurie.


“With the purchase of a Holmes Bros garment, you can take pride in the fact that you bought something made in South Africa, designed by people who love what they do.”

Holmes Bros stores can be found in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Hillcrest and Marseille, France. Visit to shop and find out more about The Brotherhood.

Holmes Brothers uses humble Till as a tool to help run and grow the business. If you have a small business, try our 14 free trial to find out how we make running and managing your store simpler and easier than ever before.

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Updated: May 11, 2018