You are trusted by the proud owners of motorcars, bikes, trucks and taxis
They expect performance under any conditions, come rain, sleet or snow.

You need a POS that performs as consistently and reliably as your best washers.
Your job is to make them shine and deal with impossible (post bush holiday) cleanup operations.

Your job is not doing manual reports and cash-flow management, labored accounting and stock takes.

Let humble Till do that for you.

Successful Car wash POS
Point of Sale for Car Wash

“We would definitely recommend humble to other small enterprises. Our whole set up, all the hardware, we got directly from humble, which made it that much easier.”

Clifford and Brandon Regenbaum,
Car Spa Wanderers

Smart, affordable, POS for your carwash

The true beauty of humble Till is how cost-effective and flexible a POS solution it is. For only R350 per month you get an unlimited number of users, products and email support. Humble integrates with Sage One accounting and mobile payment systems and provides you insightful humble Analytics.

Easy to setup and train your staff

The founders of humble Software have combined retail experience of over 25 years, so we understand the problems you’ve experienced with past POS systems. With humble Till you have the peace of mind that setup and staff training is as simple as it can possibly be.

humble till tips
Cash Wash systems

The Till that makes running
your store easier

The humble Till is an easy to use, affordable, Point of Sale solution that manages your stock and provides you with insightful analytics to help you grow your business.

Works offline:

humble Till allows you to keep selling, even when you are offline. Once back online we’ll automatically upload all your sales and stock activity.

Mobile Point of Sale:

humble Till not only works on any PC or Mac using your Chrome browser, it also works on all Android or iOS phones and tablets.

Feature rich for your convenience:

Local support for your business needs

We provide all our customers with support via email. You can also add the option of phone support to your humble account. In our Support Center you will find easy to read Quick Start guides to help you get up and running in no time.

Car wash POS

Add a product, complete a sale, do a cash-up in minutes with humble till

Car Spa POS
Successful Management

Meet more customers like you

“ The customer service from humble Till is incredible; it really makes our lives a lot easier.”

Carlos and Teresina,
Pitstop Carwash

Multiple platforms

Honest, reliable, cost effective
POS for your business.

No credit cards. No contracts. Cancel Anytime.