"Technology Utopia" is what some would call your store.
A magical place where the latest innovations wow the masses.

You need a POS solution that complements your revolutionary products, your evolutionary thinking.
Your job is to be a futurist, to prepare customers for their world of tomorrow.

Your job is not doing manual reports, cash-flow management and stock takes.

Let humble Till do that for you.

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Mobile Payment Integration

“We love humble Till because it’s a product that mirrors our working ethos. It’s also locally developed with a local support team.”

Kathrin Kidger,
Kathrin Kidger (Fashions) South Africa

Knowledge is power. Gain real insights

Nobody is more aware of the role accurate data plays in our daily lives. As a technologist you are certain to appreciate humble Till’s powerful analytics app that helps you visualise store activity and performance. Make data-driven decisions with humble Analytics.

Works on any device, works with you.

Android, IOS, Mac or PC, humble Till works on your choice of device, when and where you need to. Our POS is easy to setup, customise and operate – and because it is locally developed and supported, you have the added comfort of knowing that a helping hand is, always, around the corner if need be.

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Convenient, cloud-based, POS for smart business.

Convenient, cloud-based, POS for smart business.

Humble was born out of a desire to make running and managing a store simpler and easier than ever before. The result is a Till that is as easy to set up as it is to use. Our goal is to develop tools that help you grow your business.

Mobile Payment Integration:

humble Till works with leading mobile payment solutions such as BluMobi, SnapScan and Zipzap, giving you (and your tech-savvy customers) greater flexibility.

Inventory Management:

It is easy to add or edit products in humble Till. Our analytics app provides you with accurate reports on stock movements, how your store is doing in terms of its targets and best performing products.

Time saving stock takes:

The humble Till lets you start a stock-take while you are trading and then process it at a later stage, keeping track of sales, movements and what’s already been counted.

Our Partner network delivers value to you.

Beyond the mobile payment solutions already mentioned, humble Till also integrates with Sage One accounting, making accounting for your business a significantly simpler (and swifter) task. You are also able to get complementary POS hardware products directly from humble – as, when and if it’s needed.

Gain real business insights

Add a product, complete a sale, do a cash-up in minutes with humble till

Technology Utopia
humble till for Electronic/Computer Stores

Meet more customers like you

“As a retailer, I would highly recommend humble Till to anyone with a small business that requires good control over their stock and staff movements.”

Anna Wright,
Alexandra Hojer Boutique.

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