You provide a unique services and products to very specific clientele.
Yours is a quest to provide an experience that wows and inspires.

You need a POS system that matches your attention to detail, your focus on service delivery.
Your job is to create an experience that provides a sensory delight – far superior than the competition around the corner.

Your job is not doing manual reports and cash-flow management, labored accounting and stock takes.

Let humble Till do that for you.

humble Till
humble Till and success

“We love humble Till because it’s a product that mirrors our working ethos. It’s also locally developed with a local support team.”

Kathrin Kidger,
Kathrin Kidger (Fashions) South Africa

Accurate sales and stock reports

Which stock items are moving and which are going nowhere slowly? Ditto your sales staff and the performance of other metrics you may want to keep tabs on. humble Analytics provides data in real time so you are always in-touch and up-to-date with daily operations.

No IT guy required

humble Till removes the technical complexity associated with legacy POS systems. Setup on one or multiple devices is simple and quick to do, allowing you to sell, cash-up, view real-time data and manage your business with greater efficiency.

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Convenient, affordable, Point of Sale

Convenient, affordable, Point of Sale.

We know how difficult it is to setup and manage a business, let alone have enough time in the day to think strategically and actively drive growth.

The humble Till POS is developed by small business owners who know what it’s like to be in the trenches. The humble Till POS is developed, for you.

Effortless Sales:

The humble Till is fast, responsive and easy to use. Simply scan the barcode or tap the screen to add products to a sale. Easily apply discounts to products or change quantities. You can also print receipts or email them directly from the humble Till.

Stock Management:

Create orders directly from your humble Till and email them straight to your suppliers. Stock take, item adjustments, it couldn’t be simpler.

Add a product, complete a sale, do a cash-up in minutes with humble till

Boutique Management System
humble till for boutique stores

Meet more customers like you

“When the shop was opening up we were looking for something quite simple to set up and use, the Till makes sales and weekly sales reports very easy for us.”

Jason Erasmus
Naked Ape

Multiple platforms

Honest, reliable, cost effective
POS for your business.

No credit cards. No contracts. Cancel Anytime.