In a world of a million fads, your job is to know what really delivers results
You serve people seeking guidance to a happier, healthier, future.

Like your products your POS needs to offer real results, true advantages and measurable outcomes.
Your job is one that requires extensive knowledge and (the occasional) sympathetic ear.

Your job is not doing manual reports, cash-flow management and stock takes.

Let humble Till do that for you.

Pure Health Dieticians
humble till POS for Health and Beauty

“The daily summary is very helpful, it gives us a good picture of what’s happening, and how we’ve done each day.”

-xxxxx xxxxx,
Pure Health Dieticians

No technical masterminds
needed, thank you.

The last things you need is for POS to more of a burden than a useful business tool. humble Till was created with you, and your staff, in mind. It’s really easy to setup and use – which means anyone in your store can get the most out of humble, without needing a PhD in Engineering.

Simple, effective accounting integration

“Doing the books” can be a time-consuming exercise – for both you and your accountant. You should be working to grow your business instead of doing reports and having to keep tabs of all the slips and invoices. humble Till does that for you through our Sage One integration.

humble till tips
small business retail

Our story is also your story

We love small business retail and have worked in our own stores for over 20 years. We know what your daily challenges are and driven to develop solutions that helps you simplify management, and accelerate growth, of your business.

Cash flow is king:

Money in and money out – that’s the be all and end all of any business. With humble Till POS you can accurately track the flow of money – even when you are off-site.

Taking stock of your business:

Inventory management is a close second to cash flow. Knowing what stock is selling and what is not puts you in a position to better plan sales activity – and avoid possible embarrassment and lost sales resulting from “out-of-stock” scenarios.

Simplify management through technology:

humble embraces the latest developments and technology, provided it adds value to your business. You can trust humble Till to always push development with your interests at heart.

Trade anywhere with Mobile Payments

Health and beauty products deserve to be complemented by the great outdoors, further promoting happy, healthy, lifestyles. No matter where you trade, in-store or at a garden fair, humble Till will not only work 100% but, also, allow you take payments from mobile payment solutions like BluMobi and Snapscan.

humble till for Health and Beauty

Add a product, complete a sale, do a cash-up in minutes with humble till

Retailers face daily challenges
Cash flow is king: Pure-Health-Dietitians

Meet more customers like you

“Retailers face daily challenges, but with the right tools, running and managing a store is simpler and easier. Humble Till is such a tool.”

Michael Goddard
Steampunk Café

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Honest, reliable, cost effective
POS for your business.

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