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Three Focus Areas to Boost your Holiday Sales


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There are many technologies available to improve your in-store experience and we promise to get into the meat of that later in this content series.

Right now it is imperative that you work on (almost) making the products you sell secondary to the overall shopping experience.

Creating a memorable and, in this digitally connected world, “shareable” experience isn’t all that difficult but it does need training, planning and consistent execution.

Store employees

Your employees.

It’s boom time and they need to be up for it in terms of attitude, product knowledge and a renewed “customer centric” approach to everything.

It’s all about first impressions when a new customer enters your doors. A happy, helpful, up-beat environment sets the tone for a profitable visit.

This won’t happen overnight – and certainly will take longer if your state of employee engagement has been somewhat lacking over the year. However you can make grand strides by embracing the coming season with your staff as one team, working towards a clear set of goals that carries reward in the end.

Treating every customer as the most important person in the store, listening to what they say and taking a genuine interest in serving their needs will see you convert more feet into sales.

Your environment.

Just like your website, your bricks and mortar store should be inviting, a place you’d want to enter.

“A store is so much more than a sales channel,” says Nicola Carter, writing for “It is the physical manifestation of a brand. It is the only opportunity that customers have to engage with all five senses. This is important because effectively engaging multiple senses can maximise profits.”

Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste
– you cannot get that online and that’s where your trump card lies this holiday season.

How well you execute determines how much time customers spend in-store and, of course, how big a basket they end up leaving with.

maximise profits
Dominic Cullinan

“Transacting in lifestyle is all about the vibe. We’re selling the atmosphere and the buzz, it’s all about people.”

humble Till client and owner
of The Big Red Barn,
Dominic Cullinan.

key promotions

Your Website

It’s your digital storefront and it has to clearly communicate:

Your Value

Your key
and/or messages

Your contact

Right now you don’t need to do more than that. Time is most certainly not on your side for a complete redesign but it’s not too late to get a few basics right.

digital storefront

Start by reviewing your content.

Is it up to date with your latest offers, is it relevant to your target audience, are all the right details (for products or services) displayed?

Nobody has time to “endlessly search” through your website trying to find key information. Make your point and make it clear.

Is it easy to find your address and/ or leave a query?

Have you integrated Google Maps into your contact page; is your phone number clickable on mobile devices, and do you have a system in place to ensure that queries received are answered as soon as possible?

Nothing converts a prospect into a client faster than a prompt, useful, response. Ditto for your social media channels where true value lies in real time interaction between company and customer.

prompt POS System

Put yourself in the shoes of online users when reviewing your site and ask;

“what am I expected to do next?”

If the answers are clear you are on the right path.

humble till tips

Your Point of Sales (POS)

You’ve done the hard yards, increasing store visits, delivering a superior experience and growing your average basket value – you now need to deliver your coup de grâce – a seamless, integrated POS experience that benefits you and your customers.

64% of single-store retailers still do not
have a POS system in place.

“Customers today expect a variety of integrated payment and other options like SnapScan and BluMobi,” says humble Till co-founder, Rodney Finlayson. “For small businesses the benefits of such systems include cloud-based analytics and visibility – as well as smart integration into accounting software like Sage One that helps simplify financial management and reporting.”

POS Transactions
humble tips

Retail trends show that more and more shoppers are using mobile payment solutions to purchase goods – with local options like BlueMobi, SnapScan and ZipZap gaining popularity as South Africans move towards a cashless society.


“New technologies have made POS quick and easy to setup, transact and drill down into real-time analytics . . . offering a host of features that allow retailers to do better, smarter, business.”

humble Till Co-founder,
Rodney Finlayson

Between stock, staff, cash-flow and customers it’s often hard to find the time to keep a firm eye on your goals, especially in rushed trading times such as we are about to experience.

An effective, integrated, POS provides you with the tools to trade, manage and grow your business with greater efficiency than before

‘Tis the season to
make jolly good sales

Yes it is important to capitalise on immediate holiday sales but, even more so, it is important to understand that what makes small business successful is the personal touches you are able to create.

From staff to customers and the community within which you trade, it is within your power to turn this Festive Season into ground zero for an amazing 2017.

Let this be the start of
your breakout year.

Updated: May 11, 2018